Week 10 Update…at least I think this is week 10…

Well, I’m sitting here exhausted, burned out, but yet extremely content with life. My kids are both sleeping and I’m thinking about music. I’m still listening to “]]][[[” by Cloudkicker as I type this. There aren’t too many things as great as finding music that still moves you even when you’ve been a nonstop music junkie for 15 years. That’s why I appreciate all the bands that are featured on FIMD and all those that will be in the future. Music affects the lives of the listener, plain and simple.

In other arenas, I’m stoked to have a paid holiday tomorrow (Veterans day, and to all our soldiers past and present, I have all the respect and gratitude in the world to you. Especially to my family members who have served. R.I.P. Frank Leslie). I’m spending my morning with the fam, and then I’ll be enjoying some beautiful pain all afternoon as I get my upper right arm inked up to the max. Oh tattoos, how I love you.

My new solo album will be out in the somewhat near future, so I’m excited about that.

Thank you for being a part of this with me.


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