Week 1 Update

Free Indie Music Downloads - Week One

So, this site launched just a few days ago and already we’ve had some really great buzz. I can’t believe how many awesome artists we’ve been able to feature on the site, and how much interest there’s been from music fans and interested bands/artists as well. This is shaping up to be a really exciting project. My favorite pickups as of Week 1 are definitely Rogue Valley and Josh Garrels.

I’m a music fan and musician myself, but one thing that really pumps me up is the possibilities that are out there with regard to the web. There are so many artists with great music, and so many music fans … finding a way to connect them is always a challenge. We’re hoping that through relationships we are able to make with artists, the word will continue to spread. The more people hear and see our site and get to experience what we’re doing, the more likely we are to have an impact. The difference maker is you.

Thanks to all of you friends and visitors who have already made “Week 1” a big success. Don’t hesitate to send us your recommendations for free music. If you love what we’re doing, consider giving us a shout out on whatever social media you’re into (Facebook, Twitter, whatever) and consider linking to Free Indie Music Downloads on your blog or website!

More exciting music is on the way! See you soon…

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