Rogue Valley – The Bookseller’s House

Summer's anthem of freedom

Rogue Valley - The Bookseller's House

The Bookseller’s House is Rogue Valley’s second album in a set of four, each inspired by one of the four seasons. It’s almost a sin to break up the four albums, since they meld together in magical fashion … but here we are! The Bookseller’s House is a work of musical genius inspired by summer: melodies, harmonies, rhythms and lyrics that beckon warm breezes, sunshine … the freedom of the outdoors. “Encierro” is an anthem proclaiming this freedom at the beginning of the record. Other favorite tracks include “Jar Flies,” “Racecar Driver,” “Shanghai Tunnels,” and “The Blackberry Moon” (all four songs in a row on the record, it’s a treat). Rogue Valley is quite possibly the best find you’ll make in a while. Across all seasons, this music is consistently beautiful, magical, simple, complex, and timeless. I will be listening to this music for decades…

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