Rogue Valley – Geese in the Flyway

Rogue Valley - Geese in the Flyway

Rogue Valley … back again with the third album in their set of 4. This one’s called Geese in the Flyway, and represents the season of Fall. Not surprisingly, Geese in the Flyway builds on the creative energy laid down by the first two albums, Crater Lake (Spring) and The Bookseller’s House (Summer). “Mountain Laurels” opens the album with this dreamy vocal melody that ushers in a season of change: “From the western edge of Highway 1 / To the east of Appalachia / I got my ticket baby here I come / Following the crows and colors toward September.” This track weaves past you like a blurred landscape viewed from a car window. Rogue Valley have a knack for captivation with their music: it’s mostly in this catchy mountain troubador style, and has unique highlights from track to track and album to album. I still submit that all 4 of these albums go together as one, just like the seasons (at least where I’m from) adhere to make a year. Geese in the Flyway clearly takes the libration and freedom proclaimed in the first two albums and starts to slow it down towards hibernation. It’s like they’re singing you to sleep as the leaves fall from the trees.

Other favorite tracks from Geese in the Flyway: “Centralia, PA,” “Et al,” “Cleaning Slates,” and “Somewhere in Massachusetts”. “Et al” is possibly my favorite track from the whole set of albums.

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  1. This is definitely my fav of the 4 albums. Great stuff.

    Noel — October 19th, 2011, 3:32 PM

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