Duck, Little Brother, Duck! – Survival Is Not A Workout

Listening may actually burn calories

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, DLBD has one debut album available, and it is a noble effort. FIFTEEN tracks in total, the intensity bursts out of the speakers from the start. Intertwining guitar and bass parts, less-than-usual time signatures and unconventional song structures are the name of the game here. The only weakness here is that there isn’t a lot of variance regarding the sounds of the instruments. The whole sound is somewhat one-dimensional.

Overall, it’s a rock record, one with a LOT of energy, and they keep the pace up all throughout the album. You can tell some serious time was spent in putting all this music together. Hell, it looks like serious time was put into simply coming up with the song titles.

There’s some math rock, grunge, and post-hardcore influence in the overall sound of the band, but DLBD doesn’t solely belong in either category. Figure it out for yourself. Awesome album.

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