Cloudkicker – Portmanteau

If you’re like me, then you get a significant thrill when you find an amazing artist you’ve never heard. Especially when that music is FREE! Yeah, I still get giddy when I find the good ones. Be assured, CLOUDKICKER is a good one. Through epic, dark, heavy instrumentals in the vein of Russian Circles, Mogwai, and ISIS, Cloudkicker keeps the musicality at the forefront. The production quality is fantastic, every instrument is clear and well-defined. The guitar tones are enveloping, whether in the ambient washes of sonic color or in the midst of blastbeat thrash.

Put out in 2009, “Portmanteau” is Cloudkicker’s earliest album, I can’t wait to feature the next two releases. The newest is a full-length epoch I’m dying to listen to in depth.

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  1. Thanks for featuring, he actually has had 2 albums before this: The Discovery and The Map is not the Territory. They’re both great and available on his bandcamp page

    brookh — September 27th, 2011, 7:24 PM

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