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So…my computer has decided to not allow me to listen to or embed anything from Bandcamp anymore, and I have no idea why. Hence, the incredibly long gap of time since my last post. I apologize, hopefully I can get this nonsense figured out. Hope all is well with all of you. Nate (photo is […] ... Read more


Oof… that’s what I’ve got say to you all at this moment in time. Besides being busy, tired, and sore (new tattoos, oh yeah!), I feel pretty much like I’ve been letting you loyal visitors down by not posting much new music on here recently. It’s not a lack of desire, it’s due to an […] ... Read more

Week 10 Update…at least I think this is week 10…

Well, I’m sitting here exhausted, burned out, but yet extremely content with life. My kids are both sleeping and I’m thinking about music. I’m still listening to “]]][[[” by Cloudkicker as I type this. There aren’t too many things as great as finding music that still moves you even when you’ve been a nonstop music […] ... Read more

Week 4 Update

Yeah…I skipped week #3, but who’s really counting? I bet that Taylor and I are the only ones. We had a few days there when no new posts were made, and for that I am sorry. My computer got frozen in a glacier, defended by mutant buffalo with tommy guns. But I won’t feed you […] ... Read more

Week 2 Update

Week numero dos here on FIMD is wrapping up. I’m enjoying a rare day off, which are becoming more and more infrequent as I get older. At least my long work commutes create great opportunities to listen to tons of music, and this week I was able to delve more deeply into a bit of […] ... Read more

Free Indie Music Downloads - Week One

Week 1 Update

So, this site launched just a few days ago and already we’ve had some really great buzz. I can’t believe how many awesome artists we’ve been able to feature on the site, and how much interest there’s been from music fans and interested bands/artists as well. This is shaping up to be a really exciting […] ... Read more

General Info

This site is simple: it’s purpose is to highlight great indie/rock bands and artists who have their music available online for free download. There will always be direct links in each post that will allow you to immediately hear and download music. This site is run by Nate Leslie, an extreme music fan who has […] ... Read more

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