Fairly self-explanatory, but for those who need me to say it, well, it’s music without vocals/lyrics. Music of any genre can be instrumental.

Starship Amazing – A Man Who Made A Choice

It’s hard to listen to Starship Amazing and NOT think about 80’s sci-fi adventures such as Tron, Blade Runner, The Terminator, and the like. This electronic music was authored by Calvin Hansen and Derek Alexander, and in was recorded in a studio apartment. The quality of the sounds and production on this release just show […] ... Read more

Josh Garrels - Love & War & The Sea In Between

Josh Garrels – Love & War & The Sea In Between

It’s hard to define this Portland-based singer-songwriter. The musicianship is impressive: instrumentation, melody, harmony, lyric … layer upon layer of musical beauty. Love & War & The Sea In Between is Garrels’ 6th release. The guy is a prolific independent artist that’s been committed to producing his own stuff ever since his first album (Stone […] ... Read more

Boreals – Rome EP

An album for fans of moody, ambient, textural electronic music. Beautiful layers, deep grooves. Recorded in Spain! Not the world’s greatest home recording as far as sound quality goes, but I find it endearing. The vocals take a little effort to get over, there is some pitchiness, but for the style, it doesn’t seem to […] ... Read more

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