Americana, roots, country … folk is another genre with a wide span. Music that can fall under any of these sub-genres will be found in this category.

AWAKE MUSIC – Nate Leslie

This is my 4th solo album which was released on October 30th 2013, and now I’ve finally made it available for free. I pushed every one of my abilities to the limit to make this album happen and couldn’t be happier with how it came out. It’s also the first time any of my albums […] ... Read more

Hotel Cinema – Hotel Cinema

I’m feeling pretty lame for the lack of attention I’ve paid to this lovely site, but here I am. I just discovered this awesome music while browsing through bandcamp, and it warranted an immediate posting here. This is not your typical cute, quirky female-fronted folk pop. Each track is beautifully orchestrated, layered, and produced. The […] ... Read more

Nate Leslie – Burst

I know, I know, self-promoting is lame. But it’s only lame if the music being promoted sucks. This album does not suck, if I may say so myself. It rocks in fact, and blends everything I’ve done in the past and brings it to a new level of production quality, songwriting, and edginess. I released […] ... Read more

Nate Leslie – Force My Hand

This sophomore album from Nate Leslie is a medley of many sounds, moods, and sonic colors. The blunt transition between the high-energy rock blast of the opener “The Love” and the brooding, melancholy of the second track “Where There Are Satellites” is enough to show what a roller coaster that this record is. As has […] ... Read more

Teddy Blanks – Complications

Teddy Blanks’ sound is at once very fresh and extremely retro. Part of me feels like I’m listening to hits from the 50’s, but with modern pop sensibilities. “Complications” is good stuff all around, very enjoyable to listen to. ... Read more

Hope & Social – Sleep Sound

I had the pleasure of listening to this album in its entirety on my way to work one day this week, and I didn’t want to turn it off. This music is fun and entertaining to the max. There are traces of reggae, pop, honkey-tonk, and rock’n’roll, with some varying instrumentation. There is piano, a […] ... Read more

Loose Talk Costs lives – Wax & Gold

This here is some high-quality low-fi indie pop. Clean guitars, and serious grooves. The opening track “Seraphim” almost has an island type of feel to it. Well…it does and it doesn’t. Just listen to it. It pulses with some undertones of what you might hear played at some tropical resort, but in reality it is […] ... Read more

The Juliets – Self Titled

I don’t know how this album could make a better first impression. Catchy opening track, engaging vocals, wonderfully blended instrumentation. As the album progresses though, many more layers of style and songwriting unfold. Things end up a lot darker than the opener may indicate. Heck, “Sweetheart” is the only track that is in a major […] ... Read more

Hudson – Eastward

I downloaded this album long before any inkling of this website floated into my cerebrum. It is a good one. It is an acoustic folk album to the core, but there’s no way you can call this album one-sided or single dimensional. On top of delicate fingerpicked guitars, there are banjos, accordions, and some of […] ... Read more

Archimedes – Collection

Here’s something beautiful for you. These gorgeous acoustic tracks are full of cascading harmonies, touching lyrics, and atmospheres that will transport you away. There is drastic talent here, and the production value is brilliant. This music will make you feel weightless; it’ll carry you to the bottom of the sea or to the peaks of […] ... Read more

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