Telepathic Teddy Bear

FORGIVENESS – Telepathic Teddy Bear

TTB has been a longtime favorite here on the site, and this particular album nothing short of fantastic. Based out of Monterrey, Mexico, this music pushes through not only geographical boundaries, but those of a sonic and textural nature as well. Equally great played from start to finish as well as in small “favorite song” […] ... Read more

Telepathic Teddy Bear – The Course Of Empire

I love when artists that we’ve already featured on FIMD keep on releasing great music.  Such is the case with Juan Padilla, who’s musical venture “Telepathic Teddy Bear” has captured my ears for over a year now. Everyone that I’ve turned onto this music has loved it. This particular collection of songs is a little […] ... Read more

Telepathic Teddy Bear – Reactions

If you didn’t get a chance to download Telepathic Teddy Bear’s self-titled album which I featured not too long ago, you will want to after you hear this one. “Reactions” is another piece of electronic genius from Juan Carlos Padilla. Textures, soundscapes, grooves, and souring melodies are what you’re in for. The tunes will get stuck […] ... Read more

Telepathic Teddy Bear – Self-Titled

This is another brilliant discovery on bandcamp. Catchy, vibrant electronica, made out of lush beds of synthesizers and pulsing drums. Outer space soundscapes that carry your ears into total bliss. But instead of endless looping beats, the core of each track is a great song. Fantastic vocals and melodies top it all off. Not a weak point […] ... Read more

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