Crash of Rhinos

KNOTS – Crash Of Rhinos

Crash of Rhinos is by far one of my favorite online musical discoveries. This albums was originally only available as a paid download, but now it’s been made pay-what-you-want since the band has broken up (which I’m totally bummed about). “Knots” is everything a true post-hardcore, early emo-style album should be, it makes you feel […] ... Read more

Crash Of Rhinos – Distal

Heavy, grungy, beautiful music out of Derby, UK. Post-hardcore-esque without the whininess that plagues too many bands. This album sounds exactly how this style of music should: dirty, loud, but most of all, real. It sounds as though the band recorded everything together in a room all at one time, feeding off each other’s energy, […] ... Read more

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