Compilation – The Revolushun

Thanks to John Clements for submitting this compilation to us. He assembled this epic 40-song (yes 40) compilation using songs from his favorite independent metal/hardcore bands. A couple of our previously featured bands have tracks on here, namely “Duck. Little Brother, Duck!” and “The Speed Of Sound In Seawater.” There is a lot of angst, […] ... Read more

Compilation – Either/Or And More Vol. 3

Ok, compilation albums are all about hit-or-miss, and seeing as this comp has 30 (yes 30) tracks by different indie artists, that means there’s 30 chances to find a great song. For the most part, the artists featured are pretty run-of-the-mill punk/pop/emo/post-hardcore groups (don’t worry, there are a lot of other genres represented here as […] ... Read more

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