Black Canvas – Campaigning For A Weatherman

Rock, post-rock, and emo UNITE!

Black Canvas is a band that formed from members of locally well-known Chicagoland rockers Hotel Ahead and Paradigm. I’m highlighting their debut E.P. titled “Campaigning For A Weatherman,” released in 2010. There is an emo-pop sensibility to the record, but at the same time it sounds at times highly progressive. Think of Sunny Day Real Estate meets Pavement meets Red House Painters. B.C. handles polar extremes well, the music goes from extreme heaviness with screaming guitars, to bare-bones beautiful acoustic work.

The album is a very exciting listening experience. Highlight tracks: Foundations, North. I played bass for this band, but I didn’t record on this album. I did put down fat bas tracks on their upcoming EP titled “December Snow,” which I will post down the road.  

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