All The Way Rider – The Eagle’s Revenge

I hate to write reviews using common colloquialisms, but I have to say that All The Way Rider keeps it real. This is great straight-ahead grungy rock music with an edge. There’s definitely some Foo Fighters influence here, along with a touch of At The Drive In, Fugazi,¬†and a dash of Sunny Day Real Estate. ATWR is unmistakably about guitar riffs and intensity, but they’ve created a sound that is their own, and it sounds raw and honest. I love it more and more as the album goes on. The recording is not very polished, and lacks a bit on the low end of the frequency spectrum, but this does not make the impact of the music less at all. I will feature their other music soon.

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  1. woah! this is really good

    shepuipa lemur — July 16th, 2015, 4:10 PM

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