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Oof… that’s what I’ve got say to you all at this moment in time. Besides being busy, tired, and sore (new tattoos, oh yeah!), I feel pretty much like I’ve been letting you loyal visitors down by not posting much new music on here recently. It’s not a lack of desire, it’s due to an […] ... Read more

Hope & Social – Sleep Sound

I had the pleasure of listening to this album in its entirety on my way to work one day this week, and I didn’t want to turn it off. This music is fun and entertaining to the max. There are traces of reggae, pop, honkey-tonk, and rock’n’roll, with some varying instrumentation. There is piano, a […] ... Read more

A Moment’s Worth – Start Where You Are

I’ve said it once before, and I’ll say it again: I’m a sucker for a catchy pop-punk album. “Start Where You Are” is exactly that. It is an album ripe with melodies that get stuck in your head, dead-on harmonies, and songs that beg for repetition. The problem is, what you normally find with independent […] ... Read more

Loose Talk Costs lives – Wax & Gold

This here is some high-quality low-fi indie pop. Clean guitars, and serious grooves. The opening track “Seraphim” almost has an island type of feel to it. Well…it does and it doesn’t. Just listen to it. It pulses with some undertones of what you might hear played at some tropical resort, but in reality it is […] ... Read more

Week 10 Update…at least I think this is week 10…

Well, I’m sitting here exhausted, burned out, but yet extremely content with life. My kids are both sleeping and I’m thinking about music. I’m still listening to “]]][[[” by Cloudkicker as I type this. There aren’t too many things as great as finding music that still moves you even when you’ve been a nonstop music […] ... Read more

Cloudkicker – ]]][[[

It’s only three songs, but it is every bit as epic and great as his other releases. Chock full of beautifully heavy guitars, head-enveloping atmospheres, and complex grooves. For much of this EP, you may feel like you are riding the high climax of some world changing event…well, if that event is a hurricane or […] ... Read more

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