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The Juliets – Self Titled

I don’t know how this album could make a better first impression. Catchy opening track, engaging vocals, wonderfully blended instrumentation. As the album progresses though, many more layers of style and songwriting unfold. Things end up a lot darker than the opener may indicate. Heck, “Sweetheart” is the only track that is in a major […] ... Read more

All The Way Rider – The Eagle’s Revenge

I hate to write reviews using common colloquialisms, but I have to say that All The Way Rider keeps it real. This is great straight-ahead grungy rock music with an edge. There’s definitely some Foo Fighters influence here, along with a touch of At The Drive In, Fugazi,¬†and a dash of Sunny Day Real Estate. […] ... Read more

Little Chestnuts – Opal [EP]

Though their music has an electronic feel to it, it is definitely not as lo-fi as the album cover may indicate. Electro-pop-rock is what you’re in for here, with an intelligent blend of minimalism and atmosphere. There is never a huge wall of sound pumping out of your speakers, but that doesn’t restrict the music […] ... Read more

Most Unpleasant men – This Is How We Dance

Ok, this is just a single, but it’s a fun one to listen to, and you also get a nice remix version as well. It is straightforward synth pop: catchy, dance-y, bound to make your feet tap. Not much more to say really, it’s not like musical boundaries are being broken here, this is just […] ... Read more

Hudson – Eastward

I downloaded this album long before any inkling of this website floated into my cerebrum. It is a good one. It is an acoustic folk album to the core, but there’s no way you can call this album one-sided or single dimensional. On top of delicate fingerpicked guitars, there are banjos, accordions, and some of […] ... Read more

Archimedes – Collection

Here’s something beautiful for you. These gorgeous acoustic tracks are full of cascading harmonies, touching lyrics, and atmospheres that will transport you away. There is drastic talent here, and the production value is brilliant. This music will make you feel weightless; it’ll carry you to the bottom of the sea or to the peaks of […] ... Read more

Cloudkicker – The Map Is Not The Territory

Here’s another epic release from the instrumental beast that is Cloudkicker. As far as quality, this music speaks for itself. Unpredictability, tension, atmosphere, extreme heaviness…it’s all here. Wish I had more to say, but if I tried, it would just be a bunch of redundant adulation. Enjoy. [wp_bandcamp_player type=”album” id=”571811591″ size=”grande2″ bg_color=”#333333″ link_color=”#4285BB”] ... Read more

No Way Josie! – EP

If you’re ever feeling down, thinking to yourself, “Aww man, I wish I could just dance, stomp my feet, and shake it like I’m Jell-o”, then you need to put this music on full blast. Talk about ENERGY. NWJ!’s EP is a brilliantly produced electro-pop-dance album filled with amazing hooks and mind-bending synth work. If […] ... Read more

Week 4 Update

Yeah…I skipped week #3, but who’s really counting? I bet that Taylor and I are the only ones. We had a few days there when no new posts were made, and for that I am sorry. My computer got frozen in a glacier, defended by mutant buffalo with tommy guns. But I won’t feed you […] ... Read more

Rogue Valley – False Floors

Ahhh…the final piece of the puzzle that is Rogue Valley’s quartet of brilliant albums. This one has a few of my personal favorite songs, and as a whole the album it is a wonderful blend of rock, folk, and americana. I am consistently amazed every time I listen to this or any of their other […] ... Read more

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