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Computer – Pilots

Ok, I know that I just featured Computer two posts ago, but I have been abusing their songs on my ipod for the past week, so I just have to get this out there. This album is a further development of their synth-dance-rock sound, with a lot more layers and sonic variation throughout. It’s a […] ... Read more

Luger – Concrete Light

For me, this album starts in one place, and ends up somewhere entirely different. The first track “Monkeys Everywhere” is a raucous rock song with an electro feel to it. It’s loud, raunchy, fun. If you’ve ever heard the band The Big Pink, then you’re in the general ballpark of the sound here. From here, […] ... Read more

Computer – Give Me A Frame

This album has all the moods that I look for in a good indie rock album…inspiration, nostalgia…the immediate and undeniable need to stand up and dance like a fool. Clean guitars, a groovin’ drum machine, and great songs make Computer one of my new favorite bands. The opener “In The Air” sets the whole tone […] ... Read more

Turn Off Your Television – Self Titled

This album is worth downloading if only for the first two tracks. The rest of the album is good too, though it’s low-key Elliot Smith vibe might be a little too low-key for some listeners. If you’re looking for a happy, feel-good pop folk album, this really isn’t it. It definitely has darkness and depth. But […] ... Read more

Cloudkicker – Portmanteau

If you’re like me, then you get a significant thrill when you find an amazing artist you’ve never heard. Especially when that music is FREE! Yeah, I still get giddy when I find the good ones. Be assured, CLOUDKICKER is a good one. Through epic, dark, heavy instrumentals in the vein of Russian Circles, Mogwai, […] ... Read more

Week 2 Update

Week numero dos here on FIMD is wrapping up. I’m enjoying a rare day off, which are becoming more and more infrequent as I get older. At least my long work commutes create great opportunities to listen to tons of music, and this week I was able to delve more deeply into a bit of […] ... Read more

Rogue Valley - Geese in the Flyway

Rogue Valley – Geese in the Flyway

Rogue Valley … back again with the third album in their set of 4. This one’s called Geese in the Flyway, and represents the season of Fall. Not surprisingly, Geese in the Flyway builds on the creative energy laid down by the first two albums, Crater Lake (Spring) and The Bookseller’s House (Summer). “Mountain Laurels” […] ... Read more

Telepathic Teddy Bear – Reactions

If you didn’t get a chance to download Telepathic Teddy Bear’s self-titled album which I featured not too long ago, you will want to after you hear this one. “Reactions” is another piece of electronic genius from Juan Carlos Padilla. Textures, soundscapes, grooves, and souring melodies are what you’re in for. The tunes will get stuck […] ... Read more

Compilation – The Revolushun

Thanks to John Clements for submitting this compilation to us. He assembled this epic 40-song (yes 40) compilation using songs from his favorite independent metal/hardcore bands. A couple of our previously featured bands have tracks on here, namely “Duck. Little Brother, Duck!” and “The Speed Of Sound In Seawater.” There is a lot of angst, […] ... Read more

D.V.S. (Derek VanScoten) – Beyond The Looking Glass

I have oodles of noodles of gratuitous ogling bursting from my guts whenever I hit play on this E.P. Sure, there are plenty of mature adjectives to describe it, such as musical, catchy, deep, rich…but seriously, I’m rosy for this one.  Wonderfully produced, the songs here will get stuck in your head after one listen; […] ... Read more

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