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A-lix – Soul Recognition System

A-lix’s sound depends on a lot of thin, fuzzy synth tones, thin sounding guitars, and retro sounding drum machine samples. For fans of Joy Division, The Cure, or the like. Not much more to say here since there’s only a two-song EP available, so check it out. [wp_bandcamp_player type=”album” id=”1479472200″ size=”grande2″ bg_color=”#333333″ link_color=”#4285BB”] ... Read more

Girlfriends – Self-Titled

This is a very cool album. If you like the quirky rhythmic leanings of bands like Foals, then Girlfriends will be right up your alley. Mathematical, choppy, super clean guitars, little to no reverb…the music will get your feet tapping. Not a lot of variance in the mostly-shouted vocals, but it fits. Not a lot […] ... Read more

The Fatty Acids – Leftover Monsterface

I haven’t fully decided what to make of this record. There are moments of absolute brilliance in the form of huge, chaotic, clashing guitars and drums battling for sonic space, but then there are traces of 80’s pop, punk hooks ala The Clash, and a big, harsh horn section. The quiet parts are REALLY quiet, […] ... Read more

Boreals – Rome EP

An album for fans of moody, ambient, textural electronic music. Beautiful layers, deep grooves. Recorded in Spain! Not the world’s greatest home recording as far as sound quality goes, but I find it endearing. The vocals take a little effort to get over, there is some pitchiness, but for the style, it doesn’t seem to […] ... Read more

Ruby Coast – Whatever This Is

Very enjoyable, quirky, indie-pop music. Pretty straightforward stuff, but the songwriting is good, the production sounds professional. I haven’t delved deeply into listening the whole album yet, but it’s worth getting. They have 3 albums/EP’s available, so try them all. [wp_bandcamp_player type=”album” id=”1474642650″ size=”grande2″ bg_color=”#333333″ link_color=”#4285BB”] ... Read more

Magic Man – Real Life Color

This album is magical, and I say that with no intention of playing off the band name. It’s simply the first word that pops into my head when I try to describe an album that is this good. The album was created in a very modern fashion, with tracks being sent via email between members […] ... Read more

Chadwick – Seek & Hide

I’ve been a fan of Chadwick since his first single “Sunrise Fire” was released on bandcamp. The album is wonderful to listen to, plain and simple. It’s soft, tranced-out, smooth, electronic music blanketed in tasteful guitar and synth tones. I only wish there were more than 4 tracks. Enjoy it! [wp_bandcamp_player type="album" id="4091600387" size="grande2" bg_color="#333333" […] ... Read more

Compilation – Either/Or And More Vol. 3

Ok, compilation albums are all about hit-or-miss, and seeing as this comp has 30 (yes 30) tracks by different indie artists, that means there’s 30 chances to find a great song. For the most part, the artists featured are pretty run-of-the-mill punk/pop/emo/post-hardcore groups (don’t worry, there are a lot of other genres represented here as […] ... Read more

Republic Of Lights – Go Rococo

Fantastic album from Chicago-based band Republic Of Lights. A great sounding band, think Spoon meets The Strokes, with a healthy dash of spring reverb. Their sound may not be 100% developed yet (it’s damn close), but the lyrics are creative, the hooks get in your head, and I expect nothing but greatness from this band […] ... Read more

Black Canvas – Campaigning For A Weatherman

Black Canvas is a band that formed from members of locally well-known Chicagoland rockers Hotel Ahead and Paradigm. I’m highlighting their debut E.P. titled “Campaigning For A Weatherman,” released in 2010. There is an emo-pop sensibility to the record, but at the same time it sounds at times highly progressive. Think of Sunny Day Real […] ... Read more

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