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BONK (YOU GOT BONKED) // WRONG WAY – Starship Amazing

Try not to giggle when you push play. That’s pretty much all I can say. Oh wait, the second track doesn’t make me giggle. It makes me think deeper thoughts and feel stuff. What the fuuuuu… ... Read more


I’m finding it rewarding to go back through and revisit many of the artists we have featured here on FIMD. You would think it’d be a pretty obvious thing to do, but hey, I’ve slacked and focused a lot on other silly things in life, like my wife, kids, and day job. My bad. This […] ... Read more


Well, dammit, if SPORT doesn’t just keep delivering song after song, and album after album of simple perfection. This is pure camaraderie and nostalgia between old friends shared through energetic balls-to-the-walls punk rock. I feel like I’ve robbed myself of this gem for the last 3 1/2 years (it was released on 01/01/2014). No more. […] ... Read more

FORGIVENESS – Telepathic Teddy Bear

TTB has been a longtime favorite here on the site, and this particular album nothing short of fantastic. Based out of Monterrey, Mexico, this music pushes through not only geographical boundaries, but those of a sonic and textural nature as well. Equally great played from start to finish as well as in small “favorite song” […] ... Read more


This album is a gem. The type that you get excited about within the first 5 seconds of listening. It is extremely heavy, beautifully produced, tastefully layered, and most importantly, INTERESTING. A lot of heavy bands lose me after a few tracks, but not so with Vola. Looking forward to the day these guys come […] ... Read more

KNOTS – Crash Of Rhinos

Crash of Rhinos is by far one of my favorite online musical discoveries. This albums was originally only available as a paid download, but now it’s been made pay-what-you-want since the band has broken up (which I’m totally bummed about). “Knots” is everything a true post-hardcore, early emo-style album should be, it makes you feel […] ... Read more

CURVE – Miroist

This band was a discovery I made through another FIMD featured artist (cloudkicker). This popped up as a recommended artist, and it is spectacular music made by a one-man music and recording master from Britain. It is incredibly produced, heavy, atmospheric, challenging…and any other positive adjective you can muster regarding music. This is good stuff. […] ... Read more

AWAKE MUSIC – Nate Leslie

This is my 4th solo album which was released on October 30th 2013, and now I’ve finally made it available for free. I pushed every one of my abilities to the limit to make this album happen and couldn’t be happier with how it came out. It’s also the first time any of my albums […] ... Read more

Colors – SPORT

This album is pure lo-fi garage-rock genius. Every single one of the 13 tracks is fun and engaging, making it one of those rare albums that you just hit play on and let it run, and then let it run again on repeat. There is not a single disappointing thing about this album, except for […] ... Read more

International Karate – Panic United

Ok, I’m feeling like a fool, because I thought I posted this album a long time ago when in fact I had not done so. I have been listening to and loving this release for over a year now. The songs are cool, and the sounds are super gritty and crunchy. In fact they are […] ... Read more

Pilgrimage – EP

This album by Pilgrimage is creative and engaging music in the progressive/hardcore vein…and it’s done very well. It’s raucous and emotive, and totally chock-full of creative riff writing and song structures. No, it’s not a fully instrumental album, despite being tagged as such, but I did that because there’s only vocals on about 20% of […] ... Read more

DOCKS – Forever

Ok, this is just one lonely track, but this submission came through my inbox, and I totally dug it. Upbeat, spacey, danceable, and raw sounding. -Nate ... Read more

Lowercase Noises – Marshall

There is a lot of dreamy instrumental music out there. A lot of it is cookie-cutter, bland, and uninspired. THIS IS NOT LIKE THAT. Lowercase Noises is the musical venture of a guy named Andy Othling, who’s self-proclaimed goal is to “play as slow as possible”. I discovered Andy’s music through youtube, where he has […] ... Read more

Telepathic Teddy Bear – The Course Of Empire

I love when artists that we’ve already featured on FIMD keep on releasing great music.  Such is the case with Juan Padilla, who’s musical venture “Telepathic Teddy Bear” has captured my ears for over a year now. Everyone that I’ve turned onto this music has loved it. This particular collection of songs is a little […] ... Read more

Sectioned – Outlier

Ok, first of all, if you don’t normally listen to heavy music, this music will blow your head off. And if you do listen to heavy music, this will STILL blow your head off. “Outlier” is the second release from these Scottish blokes, and it is worthy of a lot of adjectives. The opening track […] ... Read more

Hotel Cinema – Hotel Cinema

I’m feeling pretty lame for the lack of attention I’ve paid to this lovely site, but here I am. I just discovered this awesome music while browsing through bandcamp, and it warranted an immediate posting here. This is not your typical cute, quirky female-fronted folk pop. Each track is beautifully orchestrated, layered, and produced. The […] ... Read more

Nate Leslie – Burst

I know, I know, self-promoting is lame. But it’s only lame if the music being promoted sucks. This album does not suck, if I may say so myself. It rocks in fact, and blends everything I’ve done in the past and brings it to a new level of production quality, songwriting, and edginess. I released […] ... Read more

Golden Sun – Golden Sun EP

Sorry it’s been so long, here’s some sweet tunes for you all to enjoy. High quality indie rock, good vibes, nice production. Looking forward to getting deeper on this one. ... Read more

Foreign Friends – Measurements EP1

Oh god, get ready to groove your cheeks off. Each song has a distinct identity of its own, which is something rare for independent electronic/techno artists. Great little EP, check it out immediately. -Nate ... Read more

Drexler – The Coolness EP

If you listen to the first track of this EP and think, “meh, nothing special,” then skip ahead. The tracks “Bang The Drum” and “The Steady Coolness” are fantastic. This is just cool music delivered very well. ... Read more

Cocovan – Data Image

Wonderfully produced female-fronted pop electronica. It’s super catchy and atmospheric, which if you haven’t figured out yet are the two fastest ways to my heart. A lot of guys may fear losing a man card for liking this stuff, but I sure do. Every song is worth repeating. -Nate ... Read more

Auto Body – Say What You Will

I was super excited when I hit play on this release. Super edgy, cool, layered electronic music. The first two tracks alone are worthy of you attention, but the whole thing is good. Enjoy!   ... Read more

Vinyl Thief – Rebel Hill

This is just plain awesome music. I literally just heard this for the first time 6 minutes ago, and I am now sharing it here. Fun, upbeat, electro-rock. Get it as a pay-what-you-want download (including for free). ... Read more

Nate Leslie – Force My Hand

This sophomore album from Nate Leslie is a medley of many sounds, moods, and sonic colors. The blunt transition between the high-energy rock blast of the opener “The Love” and the brooding, melancholy of the second track “Where There Are Satellites” is enough to show what a roller coaster that this record is. As has […] ... Read more

Mayhem – It’s Murder

High energy, pulsing, mind bending electronic music. Sonic twists and turns that will keep you guessing. I love the variance in the sounds and instruments used.   ... Read more

Zero Bedroom Apartment – EP

Ahhhh…I love instrumental music. ZBA is dreamy, beautiful, and will put you in a trance in a matter of seconds. This gorgeous music was recommended on the page of the band The American Dollar (whose music is unfortunately not free, but is totally worth buying). Zone out with this free release.   ... Read more

Teddy Blanks – Complications

Teddy Blanks’ sound is at once very fresh and extremely retro. Part of me feels like I’m listening to hits from the 50’s, but with modern pop sensibilities. “Complications” is good stuff all around, very enjoyable to listen to. ... Read more

Die Hard Cafe – Casualties of Tuesday Night!

Noisy, distorted electro-pop music. If you only have time to listen to one song, make it “Answering Machine,” probably the catchiest and most engaging track on the album. ... Read more

Now The Rabbit Has The Gun – Self-Titled

Don’t be fooled by the album’s slow start. This is a great pop/rock album with big hooks and near-perfect production quality. Heartbreak, lost love, depression…I always say that the sadder the subject matter, the better the song. “The Lion, The Witch, and the War Zone” is one of the best breakup tunes I’ve heard in […] ... Read more

Carousel – 26 Allston EP

This album is not featured on bandcamp, but I got my hands on it through another music blog, and it is downright spectacular. Smooth, catchy, and ultimately dance-able tunes are the name of the game here. This band is picking up momentum quickly, so download this for free while you still can. ... Read more

Ghost Story – Self Titled

I’ve been listening to this band for a while now, and I’m not sure why I haven’t featured this album yet. It has some of the typical post-hardcore/emo sound, but there’s a lot about this album that helps it rise above the stereotypes of the genre. The album is grungy, heavy, and very imperfect, and […] ... Read more

Cloudkicker – Beacons

Ah, Cloudkicker. Complete sonic beauty, brutality, and complexity. This is no longer the most recent release from Columbus Ohio’s Ben Sharp, for just this past november he released two (yes, two) albums that are much dreamier and more acoustically driven. But this is about Beacons. I don’t know if there’s an independent musician anywhere that […] ... Read more

Finish Ticket – Life Underwater

As I’ve been going through and updating the site (andby updating, I just mean fixing all the players and links) I found that this album is no longer available on their bandcamp page. But, from the look of their website, it seems that Finish Ticket has not been doing too bad for themselves for the […] ... Read more

Fire Spoken By The Buffalo – Hiatus

I absolutely LOVE albums that sound dirty, grungy, and dark. “Hiatus” lands smack dab in the middle of those descriptors. FSBtB sticks to standard instrumentation (guitars, bass, drums), and thanks to a penchant for reverb and creating sonic space, a great atmospheric sound is the result. Their sound is reminiscent of Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black […] ... Read more

Black Canvas – December Snow

Here’s the second release from my good buddies in Black Canvas. They have developed their indie/emo/rock sound into a higher stage of maturity, which you can easily identify in the songwriting, creativity, and production quality. December Snow, as well as their last album Campaigning For A Weatherman were fully self recorded and produced by Jack Essenburg and […] ... Read more

Lushlife – No More Golden Days

It’s about time that a hip-hop record was featured on here. This album has fantastic production value, heavy grooves, atmosphere, and attitude. I’m not much of a connoisseur  of the genre myself, perhaps Taylor should chime in on this one, but the simple fact here is that this is good music. I love the lyrical […] ... Read more

Hope & Social – Sleep Sound

I had the pleasure of listening to this album in its entirety on my way to work one day this week, and I didn’t want to turn it off. This music is fun and entertaining to the max. There are traces of reggae, pop, honkey-tonk, and rock’n’roll, with some varying instrumentation. There is piano, a […] ... Read more

A Moment’s Worth – Start Where You Are

I’ve said it once before, and I’ll say it again: I’m a sucker for a catchy pop-punk album. “Start Where You Are” is exactly that. It is an album ripe with melodies that get stuck in your head, dead-on harmonies, and songs that beg for repetition. The problem is, what you normally find with independent […] ... Read more

Loose Talk Costs lives – Wax & Gold

This here is some high-quality low-fi indie pop. Clean guitars, and serious grooves. The opening track “Seraphim” almost has an island type of feel to it. Well…it does and it doesn’t. Just listen to it. It pulses with some undertones of what you might hear played at some tropical resort, but in reality it is […] ... Read more

Cloudkicker – ]]][[[

It’s only three songs, but it is every bit as epic and great as his other releases. Chock full of beautifully heavy guitars, head-enveloping atmospheres, and complex grooves. For much of this EP, you may feel like you are riding the high climax of some world changing event…well, if that event is a hurricane or […] ... Read more

The Juliets – Self Titled

I don’t know how this album could make a better first impression. Catchy opening track, engaging vocals, wonderfully blended instrumentation. As the album progresses though, many more layers of style and songwriting unfold. Things end up a lot darker than the opener may indicate. Heck, “Sweetheart” is the only track that is in a major […] ... Read more

All The Way Rider – The Eagle’s Revenge

I hate to write reviews using common colloquialisms, but I have to say that All The Way Rider keeps it real. This is great straight-ahead grungy rock music with an edge. There’s definitely some Foo Fighters influence here, along with a touch of At The Drive In, Fugazi, and a dash of Sunny Day Real Estate. […] ... Read more

Little Chestnuts – Opal [EP]

Though their music has an electronic feel to it, it is definitely not as lo-fi as the album cover may indicate. Electro-pop-rock is what you’re in for here, with an intelligent blend of minimalism and atmosphere. There is never a huge wall of sound pumping out of your speakers, but that doesn’t restrict the music […] ... Read more

Hudson – Eastward

I downloaded this album long before any inkling of this website floated into my cerebrum. It is a good one. It is an acoustic folk album to the core, but there’s no way you can call this album one-sided or single dimensional. On top of delicate fingerpicked guitars, there are banjos, accordions, and some of […] ... Read more

Archimedes – Collection

Here’s something beautiful for you. These gorgeous acoustic tracks are full of cascading harmonies, touching lyrics, and atmospheres that will transport you away. There is drastic talent here, and the production value is brilliant. This music will make you feel weightless; it’ll carry you to the bottom of the sea or to the peaks of […] ... Read more

Cloudkicker – The Map Is Not The Territory

Here’s another epic release from the instrumental beast that is Cloudkicker. As far as quality, this music speaks for itself. Unpredictability, tension, atmosphere, extreme heaviness…it’s all here. Wish I had more to say, but if I tried, it would just be a bunch of redundant adulation. Enjoy. ... Read more

No Way Josie! – EP

If you’re ever feeling down, thinking to yourself, “Aww man, I wish I could just dance, stomp my feet, and shake it like I’m Jell-o”, then you need to put this music on full blast. Talk about ENERGY. NWJ!’s EP is a brilliantly produced electro-pop-dance album filled with amazing hooks and mind-bending synth work. If […] ... Read more

Rogue Valley – False Floors

Ahhh…the final piece of the puzzle that is Rogue Valley’s quartet of brilliant albums. This one has a few of my personal favorite songs, and as a whole the album it is a wonderful blend of rock, folk, and americana. I am consistently amazed every time I listen to this or any of their other […] ... Read more

Glorie – Self-Titled

Nothing like a little mood music…especially if your mood is contemplative, mysterious, and you’re looking for a shady individual behind a decrepit building in the middle of the night. Glorie’s dark instrumentals make your soul wonder if everything will be ok. What do you expect when one of the songs is titled “Music For A […] ... Read more

Bangers – Dude Trips

Guitars, bass, drums, adrenalin. That’s what you’re in for when you hit play on “Dude Trips”. Their pop-punk sound is straightforward, the vocals are reminiscent of Dropkick Murphys (or any other punk band whose vocals are mostly comprised of deep, swarthy yelling). This album is fun, not too much more to say here. ... Read more

Computer – Pilots

Ok, I know that I just featured Computer two posts ago, but I have been abusing their songs on my ipod for the past week, so I just have to get this out there. This album is a further development of their synth-dance-rock sound, with a lot more layers and sonic variation throughout. It’s a […] ... Read more

Luger – Concrete Light

For me, this album starts in one place, and ends up somewhere entirely different. The first track “Monkeys Everywhere” is a raucous rock song with an electro feel to it. It’s loud, raunchy, fun. If you’ve ever heard the band The Big Pink, then you’re in the general ballpark of the sound here. From here, […] ... Read more

Computer – Give Me A Frame

This album has all the moods that I look for in a good indie rock album…inspiration, nostalgia…the immediate and undeniable need to stand up and dance like a fool. Clean guitars, a groovin’ drum machine, and great songs make Computer one of my new favorite bands. The opener “In The Air” sets the whole tone […] ... Read more

Turn Off Your Television – Self Titled

This album is worth downloading if only for the first two tracks. The rest of the album is good too, though it’s low-key Elliot Smith vibe might be a little too low-key for some listeners. If you’re looking for a happy, feel-good pop folk album, this really isn’t it. It definitely has darkness and depth. But […] ... Read more

Cloudkicker – Portmanteau

If you’re like me, then you get a significant thrill when you find an amazing artist you’ve never heard. Especially when that music is FREE! Yeah, I still get giddy when I find the good ones. Be assured, CLOUDKICKER is a good one. Through epic, dark, heavy instrumentals in the vein of Russian Circles, Mogwai, […] ... Read more

Rogue Valley - Geese in the Flyway

Rogue Valley – Geese in the Flyway

Rogue Valley … back again with the third album in their set of 4. This one’s called Geese in the Flyway, and represents the season of Fall. Not surprisingly, Geese in the Flyway builds on the creative energy laid down by the first two albums, Crater Lake (Spring) and The Bookseller’s House (Summer). “Mountain Laurels” […] ... Read more

Telepathic Teddy Bear – Reactions

If you didn’t get a chance to download Telepathic Teddy Bear’s self-titled album which I featured not too long ago, you will want to after you hear this one. “Reactions” is another piece of electronic genius from Juan Carlos Padilla. Textures, soundscapes, grooves, and souring melodies are what you’re in for. The tunes will get stuck […] ... Read more

Compilation – The Revolushun

Thanks to John Clements for submitting this compilation to us. He assembled this epic 40-song (yes 40) compilation using songs from his favorite independent metal/hardcore bands. A couple of our previously featured bands have tracks on here, namely “Duck. Little Brother, Duck!” and “The Speed Of Sound In Seawater.” There is a lot of angst, […] ... Read more

D.V.S. (Derek VanScoten) – Beyond The Looking Glass

I have oodles of noodles of gratuitous ogling bursting from my guts whenever I hit play on this E.P. Sure, there are plenty of mature adjectives to describe it, such as musical, catchy, deep, rich…but seriously, I’m rosy for this one.  Wonderfully produced, the songs here will get stuck in your head after one listen; […] ... Read more

Rogue Valley - The Bookseller's House

Rogue Valley – The Bookseller’s House

The Bookseller’s House is Rogue Valley’s second album in a set of four, each inspired by one of the four seasons. It’s almost a sin to break up the four albums, since they meld together in magical fashion … but here we are! The Bookseller’s House is a work of musical genius inspired by summer: […] ... Read more

Starship Amazing – A Man Who Made A Choice

It’s hard to listen to Starship Amazing and NOT think about 80’s sci-fi adventures such as Tron, Blade Runner, The Terminator, and the like. This electronic music was authored by Calvin Hansen and Derek Alexander, and in was recorded in a studio apartment. The quality of the sounds and production on this release just show […] ... Read more

Josh Garrels - Love & War & The Sea In Between

Josh Garrels – Love & War & The Sea In Between

It’s hard to define this Portland-based singer-songwriter. The musicianship is impressive: instrumentation, melody, harmony, lyric … layer upon layer of musical beauty. Love & War & The Sea In Between is Garrels’ 6th release. The guy is a prolific independent artist that’s been committed to producing his own stuff ever since his first album (Stone […] ... Read more


Sports – Self-Titled

The easy thing to do would be to call them just another rock band, but SPORTS have a lot going for them. Quality songwriting is aided by a great balance of modern and retro sensibilities. I haven’t heard guitar players make such good use of fuzz pedals in a long time. I love the overall […] ... Read more

Rogue Valley - Crater Lake

Rogue Valley – Crater Lake

Rogue Valley is by far one of the best bands I have ever found on Bandcamp. They have four complete albums, each of which is breathtakingly beautiful in its own right. Each album represents a season, “Crater Lake” being their first release, represents spring. Acoustic guitars and smooth harmonies are the foundation of the band’s […] ... Read more

Paradigm - They Carried the Clouds

Paradigm – They Carried The Clouds

Near and dear to my heart, here is the last album released by the Chicago-area band Paradigm, the band I basically grew up in as the lead vocalist and guitarist. Released in 2010, “They Carried The Clouds” is an epic, dark, sonic journey from a group of four musicians that spent nearly ten years forging […] ... Read more

Battle Circus – Self-Titled

Epic, dark, cinematic. Think of what would happen if Pink Floyd tried to write soundtrack music to the nightmares of a paranoid schizophrenic, and then you have a bit of a grip on what New Zealand’s Battle Circus sounds like. The record is extraordinarily produced so that you feel engulfed in the enormous soundscapes this […] ... Read more

The Speed Of Sound In Seawater – Underwater Tell Each Other Secrets

Very clean guitars, interwoven in fast motion with bass lines and solid melodies. A lot of intricacies, worth multiple listens. “Underwater Tell Each Other Secrets” is their most recent release, and you can tell how far they have come by listening to the previous albums available on bandcamp. The vocals are a little whiny at […] ... Read more

Crash Of Rhinos – Distal

Heavy, grungy, beautiful music out of Derby, UK. Post-hardcore-esque without the whininess that plagues too many bands. This album sounds exactly how this style of music should: dirty, loud, but most of all, real. It sounds as though the band recorded everything together in a room all at one time, feeding off each other’s energy, […] ... Read more

Duck, Little Brother, Duck! – Survival Is Not A Workout

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, DLBD has one debut album available, and it is a noble effort. FIFTEEN tracks in total, the intensity bursts out of the speakers from the start. Intertwining guitar and bass parts, less-than-usual time signatures and unconventional song structures are the name of the game here. The only weakness here is that […] ... Read more

Telepathic Teddy Bear – Self-Titled

This is another brilliant discovery on bandcamp. Catchy, vibrant electronica, made out of lush beds of synthesizers and pulsing drums. Outer space soundscapes that carry your ears into total bliss. But instead of endless looping beats, the core of each track is a great song. Fantastic vocals and melodies top it all off. Not a weak point […] ... Read more

Nate Leslie – Whose Fault The Grammar?

Creative, well-produced, attention-getting rock music from yours truly. Style-wise, think The Killers meets Passion Pit meets Smashing Pumpkins. Dark and intense at some moments, bright and lush at others, always engaging. The first track (creatively titled “Track One”) succeeds in grabbing you, holding on tight, and then makes you want to play it again. The […] ... Read more

A-lix – Soul Recognition System

A-lix’s sound depends on a lot of thin, fuzzy synth tones, thin sounding guitars, and retro sounding drum machine samples. For fans of Joy Division, The Cure, or the like. Not much more to say here since there’s only a two-song EP available, so check it out. ... Read more

Girlfriends – Self-Titled

This is a very cool album. If you like the quirky rhythmic leanings of bands like Foals, then Girlfriends will be right up your alley. Mathematical, choppy, super clean guitars, little to no reverb…the music will get your feet tapping. Not a lot of variance in the mostly-shouted vocals, but it fits. Not a lot […] ... Read more

The Fatty Acids – Leftover Monsterface

I haven’t fully decided what to make of this record. There are moments of absolute brilliance in the form of huge, chaotic, clashing guitars and drums battling for sonic space, but then there are traces of 80’s pop, punk hooks ala The Clash, and a big, harsh horn section. The quiet parts are REALLY quiet, […] ... Read more

Boreals – Rome EP

An album for fans of moody, ambient, textural electronic music. Beautiful layers, deep grooves. Recorded in Spain! Not the world’s greatest home recording as far as sound quality goes, but I find it endearing. The vocals take a little effort to get over, there is some pitchiness, but for the style, it doesn’t seem to […] ... Read more

Ruby Coast – Whatever This Is

Very enjoyable, quirky, indie-pop music. Pretty straightforward stuff, but the songwriting is good, the production sounds professional. I haven’t delved deeply into listening the whole album yet, but it’s worth getting. They have 3 albums/EP’s available, so try them all. ... Read more

Magic Man – Real Life Color

This album is magical, and I say that with no intention of playing off the band name. It’s simply the first word that pops into my head when I try to describe an album that is this good. The album was created in a very modern fashion, with tracks being sent via email between members […] ... Read more

Chadwick – Seek & Hide

I’ve been a fan of Chadwick since his first single “Sunrise Fire” was released on bandcamp. The album is wonderful to listen to, plain and simple. It’s soft, tranced-out, smooth, electronic music blanketed in tasteful guitar and synth tones. I only wish there were more than 4 tracks. Enjoy it! ... Read more

Compilation – Either/Or And More Vol. 3

Ok, compilation albums are all about hit-or-miss, and seeing as this comp has 30 (yes 30) tracks by different indie artists, that means there’s 30 chances to find a great song. For the most part, the artists featured are pretty run-of-the-mill punk/pop/emo/post-hardcore groups (don’t worry, there are a lot of other genres represented here as […] ... Read more

Republic Of Lights – Go Rococo

Fantastic album from Chicago-based band Republic Of Lights. A great sounding band, think Spoon meets The Strokes, with a healthy dash of spring reverb. Their sound may not be 100% developed yet (it’s damn close), but the lyrics are creative, the hooks get in your head, and I expect nothing but greatness from this band […] ... Read more

Black Canvas – Campaigning For A Weatherman

Black Canvas is a band that formed from members of locally well-known Chicagoland rockers Hotel Ahead and Paradigm. I’m highlighting their debut E.P. titled “Campaigning For A Weatherman,” released in 2010. There is an emo-pop sensibility to the record, but at the same time it sounds at times highly progressive. Think of Sunny Day Real […] ... Read more

Iron Chic – Not Like This

I’m a sucker for a kick-ass catchy punk album. “Not Like This” is their best work in my humble opinion, it has a high concentration of songs that get stuck in your head. Great multi-voice gang vocals belted out in passionate angst. Highlight tracks: “You Know What I Mean, Jellybean?”, “Cutesy Monster Man”, “Time Keeps […] ... Read more

D.V.S. (Derek VanScoten) – Coming Up For Air: Vol 1 DUSK

D.V.S. is a very pleasant discovery of mine on I love good electronic albums, especially those that are well produced, creative, and musical. That is exactly the way to describe Derek VanScoten’s music. No endless loops or boring repetitiveness here, just great, engaging music.               ... Read more

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